Strategic Directions and Activities

CIHRRC activities and outcomes are focused on facilitating knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE), establishing and strengthening multistakeholder partnerships, and identifying new and emerging priorities in the field. For more information, see our description of the evolution of CIHRRC as an international HIV and rehabilitation research collaborative.

Strategic Directions – Activities:

CIHRRC focuses on the following activities as they relate to HIV and rehabilitation research:

  • Facilitating knowledge transfer and exchange on HIV and rehabilitation research, clinical practice and service delivery among people living with HIV, researchers, clinicians, educators representatives of community organizations and policy stakeholders in Canada and internationally;
  • Establishing new and strengthening existing research, clinical and community partnerships in the field of HIV and rehabilitation;
  • Fostering mentorship and training in HIV and rehabilitation research;
  • Identifying new and emerging priorities in HIV and rehabilitation research and practice and;
  • Establishing a plan for sustainability and growth as an international research collaborative to address priorities in HIV and rehabilitation research.


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