In alphabetical order

Tristan Barber
Consultant Physician, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Ana Brito
Senior Respiratory and Sleep Physiologist, Sleep.8

Darren Brown
Specialist Physiotherapist Infectious Diseases, Oncology and Palliative Care, Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust

Victoria Brown
Coordinator for the Positive Health Programme

Will Chegwidden
Senior Occupational Therapist, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Colin Corbett
Graphic designer

Neil Coulson
Professor and Deputy Chair, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Nottingham University

Patriic Gayle
Three Flying Piglets (Gay Men’s Health Collective)

Maurice Greenham
Retired person living with HIV

Richard Harding
Professor, Palliative Care & Rehabilitation, King’s College London, Director of the Centre for Global Health Palliative Care

Camilla Hawkins
Senior Occupational Therapist, Mildmay Mission Hospital

Jo Josh
BHIVA Communications Officer, UK-CAB Steering Group, Co-Chair Sophia Forum, United Kingdom

Joanna Keating
Lead Physiotherapist, Mildmay Mission Hospital

Ambika Kumar
Senior Physiotherapist, Alliance Physiotherapy

Fernando Lanza
PhD Trainee, University of London

Maxwell Madzikanga
International Public and Reproductive Health Consultant

Alexander Margetts
Clinical Psychologist, University of Leicester

Esther McDonnell

Rebecca Mullin
Highly Specialised Neuro Outpatients and HIV Physiotherapist, Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Simon Rackstraw
Medical Director, Mildmay Mission Hospital

Sarah Silberston
Senior Physiotherapist working for Sussex Community NHS Trust

Mark Spreckley
University Lecturer, London South Bank University

Hannah Strudley
Specialist Palliative Care Physiotherapist, Specialist Palliative Care Physiotherapist at St Luke’s – Sheffield’s Hospice

Jaime Vera Rojas
Consultant Physician and Senior Lecturer, Brighton and Sussex Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Carrie-Ann Wood
Senior physiotherapist, St. Thomas Hospital