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Second International Forum on HIV and Rehabilitation Research – October 2014
Posted on 2014-07-07

Second International Forum on HIV and Rehabilitation Research – October 11th, 2014

Click here for the Full Forum Flyer

BHIVA Autumn Conference 2014 (October 9-10th, 2014)
Posted on 2014-07-04

The British HIV Association (BHIVA) invited CUHRRC and the Rehabilitation HIV Association (RHIVA) to conduct a Special Session on HIV and Rehabilitation Research at the BHIVA Autumn Conference in London, UK. The purpose of this session is to raise awareness about the role of rehabilitation in the context of HIV care, and highlight ways to recognize the need for rehabilitation, referral and access to rehabilitation for people living with HIV in countries such as Canada and the UK.

      • Date for CUHRRC-RHIVA Special Session: Friday October 10th, 2014
      • Time: 1:35 – 2:20p
      • Venue: Wordsworth Room (Fourth Floor), Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, UK

For more information about how to register for the BHIVA Autumn 2014 Conference (which will enable access to the session) please visit: Early bird registration ends on August 15th, 2014

More Support for Older Adults living with HIV
Posted on 2014-07-03

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) released a UK wide press release on June 15th, 2014 in advance of their annual congress calling for more support and help for people living into older age with HIV from people working in the health care system. To view the RCN’s press release, to go:

In response to this press release, the BBC News Health invited UK CUHRRC member Jo Josh, to conduct an interview on the experience of older adults living with HIV and the health care system. To watch the interview, go to:

Posted on 2014-05-09

CUHHRC in Collaboration with CWGHR and CAHR provided a document entitled “A Road Map on HIV and Rehabilitation Research at the 23rd Annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research” for CAHR 2014 delegates. This purpose of this road map was to highlight HIV and rehabilitation research presented at the 23rd Annual Canadian Conference on HIV Research in order to increase awareness of research in the field.

We conducted a content analysis of all the CAHR 2014 abstract and broadly classified them according to the six research priorities in the Framework of New Research Priorities in HIV, Disability and Rehabilitation : 1) episodic health and disability; 2) aging with HIV across the lifespan; 3) concurrent health conditions; 4) access to rehabilitation and models of rehabilitation service provision; 5) effectiveness of rehabilitation interventions; and 6) enhancing outcome measurement in HIV and rehabilitation research. The priorities are in no particular order of importance. While some abstracts may span multiple priorities, they are mentioned once in the map. Click here to view the road map available to CAHR 2014 delegates.

Post CAHR 2014, a rapporteur summary of the HIV and Rehabilitation content presented was developed. Click here to access the rapporteur summary.