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CIHRRC E-Update Spring/Summer 2019 RELEASED!
Posted on 2019-06-07

We are pleased to release our Spring/Summer 2019 CIHRRC E-Update introducing new CIHRRC Members in 2019 and highlighting CIHRRC Events and Updates as well as Research and Knowledge Translation by CIHRRC Members in 2019 so far!

You can access the Spring/Summer 2019 E-Update here: CIHRRC-E-Update_SpringSummer2019-CIRCULATED-June-7-2019

If any members have updates on their research and would like to have it featured in our next E-Update, please send the details to Rachel Aubry (CIHRRC Coordinator), at and it will be included in the next E-Update due for Fall 2019!

“Evolution of an International Research Collaborative in HIV and Rehabilitation” manuscript published
Posted on 2019-03-06

We are please to announce the publication of our Manuscript “Evolution of an International Research Collaborative in HIV and Rehabilitation: Community Engaged Process, Lessons Learned, and Recommendations” published in Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education and Action, outlining the experience establishing our International Collaborative in HIV and Rehabilitation Research!

To access our manuscript please visit

For any inquiries please contact Rachel Aubry (CIHRRC Coordinator) at

Broadening the Lens: What can we Learn from Other Complex Conditions for Successful Ageing with HIV?
Posted on 2019-02-28

Friday, November 9th 2018 – King’s College London, London UK

On November 9 2018, CIHRRC in collaboration with King’s College London conducted a one-day International Symposium “Broadening the Lens: What can we Learn from Other Complex Conditions for Successful Ageing with HIV?” This symposium took place at King’s College London in London, UK.

The aim of the symposium was to advance knowledge and partnerships in the area of rehabilitation in the context of HIV and other complex chronic and episodic conditions.

This symposium brought together 77 stakeholders, including researchers, community leaders, clinicians, research and health professional trainees, and people living with HIV from the United Kingdom (n=74), Canada (n=2) and Ireland (n=1) with the goal of exchanging evidence related to rehabilitation, HIV and complex chronic disease.

Thirteen invited speakers with expertise in the field presented their research related to the role and evidence for rehabilitation in complex and chronic diseases, using HIV as an exemplar, as well as advancing patient-reported outcome measures in rehabilitation implementation science research. This symposium was the first known to bring rehabilitation specialists, researchers, clinicians and community members across the fields of HIV, cancer, cardiovascular disease, renal disease, and chronic pulmonary disease (COPD).

For more information on the final outcomes of the Symposium please see the Final Report of the Broadening the Lens Symposium here:  

To watch the presentations from the Broadening the Lens Symposium follow the link to the Cicely Saunders Institute King’s College London YouTube Channel here:

For more information on the symposium or CIHRRC please contact Rachel Aubry (CIHRRC Coordinator) at